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These workouts come loaded with demo videos for every movement, periodization, and the perfect combination of speed, plyometric, and strength work!



Why PLT4M?

Easy to Use technology

Track Everything. Easily

Compatible with all devices, you and your students can easily enter, store, and analyze data.

  • Boost accountability with automated attendance tracking, and real-time participation reports
  • Track over 200 assessments and data points
  • Generate Team and Individual Report Cards with a click
  • Create competition year round with Leaderboards! 
Professionally developed resources.

The Best Content At Your Fingertips

Coaches love our 1,200+ exercise videos and customizable workout programs built by an in-house team of certified professionals.

Personal Weights
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We use the reports to show what is happening in our classes for coaches and administrators. Numbers are powerful, and now we can showcase the actual data for all to see!

Tim Thrasher
PE Teacher and Coach
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With PLT4M, students and athletes can see everything they've ever logged. Now, they are more engaged and excited than ever before!  

Annie Hinkhouse
Annie Hinkhouse
PE Teacher, Weights Coach
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Students love the instant feedback they get by using the app. It gives them that extra nudge to work harder in class!" 

ZaQuan Irby
PE Teacher & Strength Coach