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Strategies for Integrating Technology in Physical Education

Physical education teachers can use technology in their classrooms to improve engagement, increase access to resources, and better assess and track student progress.

This PDF explores different ways to integrate technology in the classroom, along with specific examples of its use in physical education classes.


What is PLT4M?

Powered by technology

Engage and Motivate Students

We help teachers leverage available technology to improve classroom management and individualize student learning. 

  • Access lessons on any device
  • Individualize courses based on preference and experience
  • Seamlessly track over 200 assessments
  • Unlock student motivation with real-time progress reports
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Modernizing the PE Classroom

The days of "Rolling out the balls" are long gone. Tap into our 30+ fitness and wellness focused curriculums or leverage our 1,200+ videos and lessons to customize your own. 

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See What Teachers Are Saying!

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PLT4M has helped us deliver on our mission of providing a quality fitness and wellness based PE that students love!

Jessica shawley
Jessica Shawley
2012 SHAPE Teacher of the Year
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Students love the instant feedback they get by using the app. It gives them that extra nudge to work harder in class!" 

ZaQuan Irby
PE Teacher & Strength Coach
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Giving kids choice and ownership in PE has been hugely motivational for them! PLT4M has been pivotal in helping us make this transition. 

Pe teacher Jode
Jodi Reardon
Pennsylvania SHAPE Teacher of the Year